Ash Spencer
Ash Spenser
Biographical Information
Real Name: Ashland Spenser
Occupation: Writer

Navy SEAL (Formerly)

Title: Senior-Chief
Wife: Unnamed
Children: Clay Spenser (Son)
Affiliations: Ash Spenser;

* Tactical Firearms Training
* Security Consulting
* Tactical Security Solutions
Navy SEAL (Former)

BUD/S (Finished)
United States Navy (Former)
Naval Amphibious Base Coronado (Finished)

Physical Description
Gender: Male
Status: Alive
Episode Count: 4
Character Information
First appearance: Ghosts of Christmas Future
Portrayed by: C. Thomas Howell

Character Flag - American Male Military United States Navy BUD-S Navy SEAL Bravo Team Season 1

Ash Spenser is a former Navy SEAL, Tier-One Operator and Senior-Chief of SEAL Team 6. He is the father of Clay Spenser.

Throughout the series Edit

In Ghosts of Christmas Future Ash holds a book tour close to Clay's deployment point. There he first meets Stella and charms her with stories about his sons youth. When the two men are alone outside Clay accuses Ash of having come to town soley to risk his Navy career due to his massive ego.


  • Ash Spenser spent 15 years in the SEAL Teams, the Tier One SEAL unit formerly known as SEAL Team Six.
  • He's the founder of Ash Spenser Tactical Firearms Training, as well as Ash Spenser Security Consulting and Ash Spenser Tactical Security Solutions, as well as a frequent contributor on various cable news outlets as a subject-matter expert on tactics and security.
  • Senior-Chief Ashland Spenser!