Season 1, Episode 7
Air date November 8, 2017 (original airdate)

November 15, 2017 (replacement airdate)

Written by Corinne Marinan
Directed by Félix Enriquez Alcalá
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The Exchange

Borderlines is the seventh episode of the first season of SEAL Team and the seventh episode of the series overall.

Summary Edit

Borderlines – Jason and the SEAL Team must rescue an undercover CIA operative after she is captured by radical terrorists to be used as a bargaining chip. Also, Clay undergoes the final harrowing exercise for his candidacy into Tier One.


Main CastEdit

Recurring CastEdit

Guest StarringEdit

  • Kai Daniels as Young Clay Spenser
  • Danny Pardo as Vargas
  • Tomas Pais as Alfredo
  • Roland Ruiz as Andres
  • Peter Wallack as Bill
  • Derek Viveiros as Hugo Rocha
  • Pell James as Jane Cole
  • William O’Leary as Mark Buckman
  • Doug Savant as Malcolm


  • Joshua Murillo as Masked Man

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SEAL Team 1x07 Promo "Borderlines" (HD) Season 1 Episode 7 Promo

SEAL Team 1x07 Promo "Borderlines" (HD) Season 1 Episode 7 Promo

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