Brock Reynolds
Brock Reynolds.png
Biographical Information
Real Name: Brock Reynolds
Occupation: Navy SEAL
Title: Special Warfare Operator

First Class
Tier-One Operator
Bravo 5

Family: Cerberus (Dog)
Affiliations: Navy SEAL

United States Navy

Physical Description
Gender: Male
Height: 5'9
Status: Alive
Episode Count: 18
Character Information
First appearance: Boarding Party
Portrayed by: Justin Melnick

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Brock Reynolds, is a Navy SEAL and Special Warfare Operator First Class of Bravo Team, and is referred to as B5, or Bravo 5. He was Bravo 6 prior to Clay Spenser joining Bravo Team. He is the handler of Cerberus.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Brock is a very quiet member of Bravo Team, nevertheless when does speak it is often his to give important tactical reasoning or to crack a random joke. Brock's skills as a K-9 handler is invaluable and the team respects his job. Brock adores his dog, Cerberus who works alongside Bravo Team.

Season 1[edit | edit source]

In Tip of the Spear Brock joins Jason's team in the mission to take out Abu Samir Al Masri. He's seen taking care of Cerberus.

In Other Lives he joins the SEALs in an operation to prove the Syrian government's Involvement in the creation of a deadly nerve-agent. After Syrian soldiers threaten to storm the building and kill innocent survivors Jason asks his men to stay behind and fight, Brock and the others agree and stay behind.

In Boarding Party he's a member of the unit rescuing a hijacked boat crew.

In Ghosts of Christmas Future Brock and the others hunt for Luka Baljic but are burnt after an observation mission.

In Collapse he joins his crew on a mission to evacuate the US Embassy in Sudan which is threatened to be overrun by protesters. After a series of missions to secure various american citizens Trent and the others have to evade a wild mob that seemingly threatens to destroy their car.

Season 2[edit | edit source]

Season 3[edit | edit source]

Bravo Team is in Serbia and what is supposed to be a simple stakeout turns into a dramatic car chase with three dead in connection to Vadim Tarasov but are able to bring in Viktor alive. Back at HQ everyone lightheartedly makes fun of Lisa Davis and her new position before debriefing and heading to bed. Days later they are all cralled far away, and after multiple car rides and a boat ride, find themselves at a shipping dock. Everyone watches Trent Sawyer's back as he places the tracker on the truck. Clay Spenser shoots a beer can in distraction to help Trent make his escape. Much later, Jason Hayes makes the call to infiltrate the building in order to find Bojinka . However, after cornering him, he blows himself up. [1] Everyone returns to HQ safe, except for a few scratches on clay and Jason from the bomb. After their de-briefing, Sonny goes on about how he is excited to watch a UT football game. When he leaves the room Brock informs everyone the game has already taken place, and the gang decides to mess with him. Later Mandy Ellis sends them out to capture Peter Malkin. once he's interrogated, they head home. Sonny's bet with everyone turns into a drinking game. And it isn't until the next night does he find out he has been duped. Bringing this up on their walk over to Vadim Tarasov. Once inside the Team goes room to room, only to find Vadim Tarasov in a final secret room. He reaches for the gun and Jason shoots him [2]

Jason is in a mood and running drills over and over again during their training session. Afterward,s they are introduced to their new commanding officer Captain Greyson Lindell. The next day they are called in for quick mission in Azerbaijan. There are to help maintain the peace only to find out the power station has been taken over by Armenian terrorists. They retake control and head home. [3]

Bravo team is looking over new candidates to add an additional member to their team. Days later after being tasked with taking over a ship holding hostages, Jason finally agrees to go with Ray's plan, leading to a successful outcome. Later, Jason introduces Vic Lopez to the team. [4]

Bravo is informed of their upcoming three-week mission to Yemen, Where there will be protecting Ambassador Nicole Marsden. Bravo arrives while the city is under attack, but not allowed to enter until they get permission. After fighting their way in,[5] they make plans to escape with the civilians from the embassy. On their first attempt he and Trent are almost struck by a missile. After the gunfight in the streets they escape on a bus. [6]

Brock and the rest of Bravo are sent to Paris, France to protect big US dignitary. Jason is forced to stay behind for surgery on his leg, leaving Ray in charge. They stake out the conference leading up to the speeches. The team successfully capture the would-be assassin. [7] Weeks later, the team travel to Iran in order to find and retrieve missing Air Force pilot, Capt. Brie Campbell. [8]

The team celebrates Jason's return to Bravo next week. First they are sent on a rather public mission to protect a doctor while he collects Ebola samples. The next day they are sent to track down a pure form of the disease that has been stolen. [9]

Brock on the rest of bravo team after finishing a mission in Afghanistan returned home to testify on behalf of Lisa in front of the review board. [10]





The team is called to Niar, Africa to protect a bridge from rebels, and return after Trent calls in an airstrike. [15] Sonny is in a mood, he is being sent to Texas for punishment after punching someone. He picks a fight with everyone at the team barbecue two days before they shipped off.[16]

Bravo returns to The Middle East to Afghanistan for the start of their three-month mission. Michael Chen, a former Bravo member, is brought in from Charlie to replace Sonny while he's in Texas. The first three weeks are silent, much to everyone's annoyance. While in the rec room, Mike stirs up trouble, revealing Clay has accepted STA-21. After Jason removes Clay from the team they set out on a mission with their new tentative allies, the Taliban. After a brief standoff, it's discovered Jack's team was ambushed and all their hands were cut off. [17] Bravo is sent in to break up a group of gathering extremists. The CIA interrogated all of some, however none have any useful information so are that go. Only for it to be discovered after the fact, one of them was the head of the new gathering group of fascists. [18] Brock continues to run Cerberus through his training exercises, worried he might be losing his edge and forced to retire. Bravo tracks down a gun for hire that has been jailed. Aware the officers are wasting their time and something is about to happen, they are only partially caught off guard when a suicide bomber blows up the police building. Bravo tries to rescue Clay who is pinned down, and waiting for back-up. [19]


Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Special Warfare Operator First Class Brock Reynolds
  • He is the handler of the team's canine, Cerberus.
  • SO1 Brock Reynolds is a recipient of the Silver Star & three Bronze Stars with a Combat "V" [21]

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