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Biographical Information
Real Name: Cerberus
Occupation: Bomb Detection Dog

Narcotics Detection Dog (Former)

Interests: tug toys and tennis balls
Family: Brock Reynolds (handler)

Jason Hayes (adopted after retirement)

Affiliations: US Navy (Former)
Physical Description
Status: Alive
Character Information
First appearance: Tip of the Spear
Portrayed by: Dita The Hair Missile Dog

Character Flag - American Male Military Navy SEAL Bravo Team Season 1 Season 2 Season No.3

Cerberus is a Recurring Character on SEAL Team'. He's a member of Bravo Team.

Thoughout the Series[]

Season 3[]

Brock continues to run Cerberus through his training exercises, worried he might be losing his edge and forced to retire. Bravo tracks down a gun for hire that has been jailed. Aware the officers are wasting their time and something is about to happen, they are only partially caught off guard when a suicide bomber blows up the police building. Bravo tries to rescue Clay who is pinned down, and waiting for back-up. [1]

Season 4[]

In God of War, the first episode of Season 4, Cerberus is on edge and appears to be scared as the teams are on stakeout. He even runs away as a firefight breaks out. Brock tries to chase after him, but gets blown back by a grenade, which ultimately knocks him out. Cerberus then wanders through the forest and ends up saving Jason from an attacker who tried to shoot Bravo 1 from behind his back as Jason was busy taking care of other armed hostiles. Jason finds that Cerberus has a deep knife wound and tries his best to take care of the gash. Bravo 1 had previously been separated from the team by a grenade and has to make his way back to the rally-point without most of his gear and limited communications. Jayson carries Cerberus for most of the way as the dog gets too weak to walk. At one point Bravo 1 even leaves Cerb in the snow, kind of as bait, in order to take out some enemies, which had been chasing the pair. They barely make it to the rally point and are saved by Bravo.


  • Is a very good boy
  • Justin Melnick is a police officer and is the real owner of his K-9 partner Dita The Hair Missile Dog.
  • In the show the K-9 is repeatedly referred to as "hair missile". A nick at the dog's real name.
  • Cerberus appears to be trained in German. Many service dogs are trained in foreign languages in order for only their handlers to be able to command them.
  • It also appears that when the commands are given by Justin Melnick live while filming the scene, he commands the dog in German. While the commands are given in English when they not directly influence the dog as in voice overs and edited stunts or when Cerberus is commanded from off camera.
  • Cerberus' time as Bravo's bomb detecting dog comes to an end as he showed signs of PTSD, both on-screen and in real-life.[1] He is then replaced by "Pepper" in God of War. Sonny remarks that they had suffered a downgrade from the three headed guard-dog of hell "Cerberus" to "Pepper".

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