Credible Threat
Season 1, Episode 18
Credible Threat
Air date April 11, 2018
Ratings 6.24
Written by Valerie Armstrong & Josef Sawyer
Directed by Ruben Garcia
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Credible Threat is the eighteenth episode of the first season of SEAL Team and the eighteenth episode of the series overall.

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"Credible Threat" - Jason and the SEAL Team are tasked with protecting a delegation of congressmen and department of defense officials who come to Jalalabad for a publicity tour even though a credible threat has been made against them.

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  • James Hiroyuki Liao as Lucien
  • David DeSantos as Tim Belding
  • Ismail Bashey as Salim Hakan
  • Mark Rolston as David Alper
  • Dennis Cockrum as General Cook
  • Joseph C. Phillips as Benjamin Reed
  • Saif Haj as Boy
  • Levi Fiehler as Edward Miller
  • Tyler Seiple as CIA Aide

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