Biographical Information
Real Name: Crowley
Occupation: US Emissary
Affiliations: US Government
Gender: Male
Status: Alive
Character Information
First appearance: Collapse
Portrayed by: Gabriel Olds

Character Flag - American Male Season 1

Crowley is a character on SEAL Team. He's the US Embassy's leader in Sudan.

Season OneEdit

Crowley hits on Hannah Parsons when he's interrupted by Reporter Stefan Bol who asks weather the election has been tampered with. Crowley shrugs the allegations off only to notice that Hannah is gone. He's later confronted with Jason Hayes and the SEALs as the situation at the embassy threatens to escelate and the safety of americans in Sudan is at risk. Crowley however, refuses to order the evacuation as it would admit defeat and reflect negatively on his career. As tensions rise too high however Mandy Ellis forces him to admit defeat and retreat. In his sneakiness he however leaves the american flag hanging. After the mission Jason throws the flag towards Crowley as his cowardness threatened the lives of multiple people.

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