Enemy of My Enemy
Season 1, Episode 20
Enemy of My Enemy
Air date April 25, 2018
Ratings 5.89
Written by Corinne Marinnan & John Bellicci
Directed by Larry Teng
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The Graveyard of Empires

Enemy of My Enemy is the twentieth episode of the first season of SEAL Team and the twentieth episode of the series overall.

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"Enemy of My Enemy" – The lives of Jason and the SEAL Team are in jeopardy when a risky mission to capture a highly valuable target may actually be a trap. Also, Clay and Davis commiserate about the frustrations of having long distance relationships, and Ray has a meeting regarding his involvement with the accidental death of the local boy that could affect his military career.

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  • David DeSantos as Tim Belding
  • Wasim No' Mani as Abad Halani
  • Maz Siam as Nouri Halani
  • Jackson White as Dave Medders
  • Jeremiah Birkett as Percy Jacobs
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