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Jason hayes
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Biographical Information
Occupation: Navy SEAL
Title: Master Chief Petty Officer (E9)
Born: 1977
Current Location: Virginia Beach, VA
Wife: Alana Hayes
Interests: Mandy Ellis
Natalie Pierce (Ex)
Amy Nelson (Former Affair)
Parents: Dave Hayes (Father) [1]
Linda Hayes (Mother)
Children: Emma Hayes (Daughter)

Michael Hayes (Son)
Landon Massey (Godson)

Physical Description
Gender: Male
Height: 6'1
Status: *unknown*
Episode Count: 94
Character Information
First appearance: Tip of the Spear
Portrayed by: David Boreanaz

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Jason M. Hayes, is a Navy SEAL and was the Master Chief Special Warfare Operator of Bravo Team, as a leader, he was referred to as B1, or Bravo 1. He changed position to an N3 Operations Chief at TOC, working with every DEVGRU team. His wife Alana Hayes is deceased and he has 2 children. After working in that position for a short time his drive to be back on the battlefield took over and he requested to be sent back to Bravo Team as Bravo 1 again.

Early Life[]

Young Jason Hayes


Jason Hayes is highly respected by his comrades in Bravo Team, mostly due to his quick thinking and abilities in the field. Jason is extremely head-strong and stands up for what he believes in, this often causes difficulties at home when he leaves to go on a mission. Jason believes it is his duty to defend and protect his country, however, he can be seen to be extremely irritated and angry at Government Officials who take that for granted.

Season 1[]

In Tip of the Spear Jason is interviewed by Dr. Julie Kruger to assure the state of his mental health following the death of his teammate and friend Nate Massey. After assuring her that he's well he attends the first communion of Nate's child where he meets his wife Alana and it becomes evident that they're at the outs. Upon being called to the station the team is tasked with exfiltrating ISL operative Abu Samir Al Masri in Libya, however, they're assigned a new teammate named Clay Spenser. Hayes and Spenser are quickly at odds over Spenser's arrogant attitude. After it becomes clear that Abu Samir also holds a US citizen captive the mission quickly shifts focus to rescuing the hostage, however Mandy Ellis insists on Samir's capture forcing Jason to suggest that both goals are achievable. After exfiltrating the hostage Hayes and his team take on Samir who threatens them with blowing himself to pieces, he's shot by Spenser however which enrages Hayes. After a pep talk from his friend Ray Perry about how Spenser reminds him of Nate, Jason attends his daughter Emma's recital.

In Other Lives Jason reminisces back to the party he told Nate that him and Alana were taking a break. Afterwards, he and the crew are called in by Mandy to receive a briefing on information-gathering mission related to the Syrian government experimenting with a deadly nerve-agent. After arriving in the facility the gas is supposedly being produced they find a group of infected hostages. As Syrian soldiers Approach the facility Jason opts to stay behind and offers his team the same in order to safe the hostages lives. He devises a strategy to get his superiors to exfiltrate the hostages. Despite landing under heavy fire they manage to escape the facility. Back home Jason attempts to bond with his son Michael.

In Boarding Party Jason and the SEALs are tasked with rescuing a boat crew that is held hostage by pirates. After figuring out that the pirates attempt to sell the hostages off to a terrorist who wishes to place himself on the world-map Jason decides to go with the silent approach and leads his team on the boat through diving there. However one hostage is pushed into a room by one of the pirates and Jason has to terminate the criminal from the outside. In the end they manage to rescue everyone without losses and leave the ship behind. Back home Jason investigates into Nate's burner phone and photographs the woman Nate allegedly had an affair with.

In Ghosts of Christmas Future Jason and Alana are called into Michael's school where they're scolded by the principal Mr. Langston and Michael's guidance counselor Keith Phasano. Afterwards, Jason and his SEALs are exfiltrated to Serbia where they're tasked with catching Luka Baljic. However, one of his bodyguards, Jakub Kowal, is a former acquaintance of Jason and burns the op. Jason, Ray and Brock act like they leave the Country but stay there and manage to catch Baljic and Kowal, who opts to throw Baljic towards the SEALs. After the successful mission, Jason discovers that Nate's mystery woman apparently was in a mission with him, digging the mystery around Nate's death further.

In Collapse Jason and his SEALs are sent to Sudan where the American Embassy is threatened to be stormed after rigged elections. However, the embassy's superior Crowley refuses to declare defeat and evacuate the embassy due to him wanting to appear tough towards his superiors. While Jason and the team are sent through Sudan to pick up American citizens the threat rises and ultimately have to give Ray and Lisa an exit route for the building. Later he hands the flag Crowley left behind towards him.

In The Spinning Wheel Jason clashes with his former Green Team rival Beau Fuller over a test-op that he considers designed to kill innocent lives. He later is scolded by Ray who puts Fuller's behavior into perspective as one of the only black team leaders in the Navy. He later meets Pete Green an old friend of his and Nate's to find out more information about Nate's mystery woman, Pete reveals that she was the wife of a mole and Nate helped her escape to the US with Pete's aid. On a hunch Jason saves the test-op later and manages to get it green-lit, making up with Fuller. However, the op is called off anyway due to unspecified reasons. After the long day, Jason meets Laila and confides in her about his grief for Nate.

Season 2[]

Season 3[]

Bravo Team is in Serbia and what is supposed to be a simple stakeout turns into a dramatic car chase with three dead in connection to Vadim Tarasov but are able to bring in Viktor alive. Back at HQ everyone lightheartedly makes fun of Lisa Davis and her new position. Jason finds Mandy outside apologizes for getting her in trouble, she insists she would do it again to keep the team alive and safe. Jason is unable to sleep. Plagued with nightmares about Jack Diaz's death. Days later they are all called far away, and after multiple car rides and a boat ride, find themselves at a shipping dock. Trent places a tracker on the truck. Much later, Jason makes the call to infiltrate the building in order to find Bojinka . However, after cornering him, he blows himself up. [2] Everyone returns to HQ safe, except for a few scratches on Clay and Jason from the bomb. Jason has gone outside to clear his head and is once again tracked down by Mandy. Again that night Jason is irritated on unable to sleep. Plagued with what happened to former team members. Confiding to Ray that Diaz wanted to leave the team two days before he died. Later Mandy sends them out to capture Peter Malkin. Once he's interrogated, they head home. Once inside the Team goes room to room, only to find Vadim Tarasov in a final secret room. He reaches for the gun and Jason shoots him. While returning back to America, Jason celebrates Lisa's first team mission with them and her new position. Eric informs everyone that Jason has signed on for two more years as their Master Chief. He then recites his oath in front of everyone aboard. Only to go home to his empty apartment. [3]

Gretting the new Captain

Jason is in a mood and running drills over and over again during their training session. Afterwards, they are introduced to their new commanding officer Captain Greyson Lindell. The next day they are called in for quick mission in Azerbaijan. There are to help maintain the peace only to find out the power station has been taken over by Armenian terrorists. They retake control and head home. [4]

Talking with Ray

Bravo team is looking over new candidates to add an additional member. Days later Jason finally agrees to go with Ray's pick. The two both confirm they have to think of Bravo's future, and agree that Clay is the most likely candidate to be its new leader. Meaning Vic Lopez would be an ideal Number Two for him. Creating the same relationship Jason and Ray have with each other. Jason introduces Vic to the team, much to Clay's annoyance over his friend losing out on the position. [5]

Gearing up for three-week protection mission of Ambassador Nicole Marsden in Yemen, Jason decides Ray will take lead and he brings Clay with him, two days early before the rest of the team. Upon the rest ofBravo's arrival, they are awaiting permission to enter the city. Inpatient due to the Civil War already interrupting around the country. Before they reach the embassy, they are bamboozled into their own gunfight with rebels. Once inside the embassy they are unable to escape due to missile and heavy gunfire.[6] After leading an escape with the Embassy civilians, they retreat when a missile narrowly takes them all out. Jason and Ray takes out two men that snuck inside the premise. Soon a street gunfight erupts, and Clay takes control of the enemy's machine gun. Everyone eventually escapes on a bus, while Clay escorts the ambassador to make a phone call, risking her life, believing it will bring peace to the two warring tribes. She is successful but not before a missile hits the building. She dies and the rest of the team makes it back safely. [7]

During a routine jog with Sonny, Jason falls and is later informed by a doctor about his torn ligament. Forced to face the possibility he may not be cleared for active duty after surgery due to his age and previous injuries. He continues to work with Natalie Pierce, who specializes in military injuries. Greyson Lindell pulls him from duty for the surgery, & he is forced to let his team leave without him. Jason originally arrives and begins to undergo his procedure, but had a panic attack remembering his wife. He returns home and had a breakdown about possibly losing his military career. He later begins drinking at a bar and runs into Mandy, who convinces him to go through with the surgery. [8]

Jason has yet to go to surgery, but eventually agrees after talking to Sonny, and Mandy the week before. While continuing to spiral, he invites himself over to Ray's, unaware he is interrupting their date night. Before being called away by his daughter to pick up papers from a storage unit. His girlfriend Natalie accompanies him to the surgery and makes sure he gets home after. He leaves to go back to the storage unit for Emma. During which time he is forced to face many things he has been running from, including Alana's death. Afterwards he still left unsure if he will be able to return to Bravo. [9] Weeks later, Jason and a bunch of his military buddy celebrate him only being benched for one more week, following his successful leg surgery. While sitting out his last mission he goes through a couple therapy sessions, his Doctor is trying to figure out why he kept having panic attacks. Throughout both sessions he dodges all personal questions. After having lunch with Natalie he finds her jogging on the beach and consists on a serious full-time relationship. She agrees. [10]

Jason woke up with Natalie by his side, and over coffee she asked him not to bring up the relation to anyone and keep it on the down low. He agreed, understanding her position. While at a bar his friends realized he was dating someone when he declined to talk to an attractive blonde. While an omission in the middle East everyone wanted to make up activation time in order to testify on Lisa's behalf. Jason personally voiced his positive views on her as bravo team leader. [11][12][13][14][15]

Jason continues to be haunted by a past memories. After going to therapy, he takes some of his aggression out on Natalie, despite them having a good time just the day before. After returning from Africa, he too returns to therapy, aware that his armor is beginning to crack. [16] He is called into Col. Lundell's office to be informed, along with Sonny, for fighting a patron at a bar, as punishment he will be sent to Texas for six weeks of training. Grayson even calls him on covering up Sonny's last fight, but apologizes for the short notice since they are shipping out in two days. At the barbecue sendoff, Sonny picks a fight with a couple team members before storming off. Jason breaks up with Natalie before leaving for his tutor. [17]

Bravo returns to The Middle East to Afghanistan for the start of their three-month mission. Michael Chen, a former Bravo member, is brought in from Charlie to replace Sonny while he's in Texas. It is clear Mike has history with Jason and Ray, both of whom attempt to fight him. The first three weeks are silent, much to everyone's annoyance. Jason meets up with his old acquaintance Jack Daniels, impressed he still has the watch he gave him last they saw each other two years ago. While in the rec room, Mike stirs up trouble, revealing Clay has accepted STA-21, causing a fight between Clay and Jason. Jason removes the younger member from the team in anger. After they set out on a mission with their new tentative allies, the Taliban. After a brief standoff, it's discovered Jack's team was ambushed and all their hands were cut off. [18] Bravo is sent in to break up a group of gathering extremists. The CIA interrogated all of some, however none have any useful information so are that go. Only for it to be discovered after the fact, one of them was the head of the new gathering group of fascists. [19] Bravo tracks down a gun for hire that has been jailed. Aware the officers are wasting their time and something is about to happen, they are only partially caught off guard when a suicide bomber blows up the police building. The enemy destroys their communication signal, Clay is pinned down under heavy gunfire, while the rest of Bravo searches for a solution. Ray is able to locate and take out the two snipers, and reinforcements arrive for the rest of them. [20]

Season 4[]

After completing their deployment to Afghanistan, Jason decides to transfer off Bravo Team; he was subsequently assigned as the N3 Operations Chief at TOC, working with every DEVGRU team, while waiting to finish out his enlistment. He also adopted Cerburus. Jason is revealed to have gotten back together with Natalie Pierce. He finds her at the bar and officially asks her to stay in the area after her time at TOC is over.[22]

Season 5[]

After the devastating loss of their friend and brother Full Metal the team are trying to deal with the aftermath of their last mission. Jason manages to convince Ray to seek help where he finally admits he has PTS from his time in captivity, but he is doing the work to get better for his family and his team. Jason on the other hand is suffering from headaches, memory loss and other symptoms which hasn't gone unnoticed by Clay who suspects Jason may have a TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury). As Jason is coming up on his 20 year anniversary on the job he has dealt with a lot of trauma, this fact is shown in shocking detail when he almost gets his whole team killed when he makes an almost fatal mistake. In his personal life his daughter Emma is dating, his son Michael is doing well at School and after a successful operation early on in the series saving someone very close to his heart Jason is now dating. Although he is only meeting her in secret in a hotel and trying his hardest to keep her at arms length she knows Jason so will she be the one to break down the walls he has built or will it end in disaster like his other relationships? Only time will tell.


  • This marks Boreanaz' fourth consecutive leading role following Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel and Bones.
  • David Boreanaz also serves as executive-producer on the series.
  • David Boreanaz and Daniel Gillies are best known for portraying near identical characters. Boreanaz portrayed well-intentioned vampire Angel with a second more malevolent persona on Buffy, while Gillies portrayed Elijah Mikaelson, a good hearted vampire with another more disturbing personality he forced dormant. Coincidentally both characters were alike in writing but were spun-offs to their own shows.
  • In the pilot, Jason is referred to as a Senior Chief, but in Collapse, he calls himself an "E-9" Master Chief, the rank he holds in all further appearances.
  • In the "God of War" flashback of sequence Jason is shown to be able to speak Pashto.


  • Has a tattoo on the inside of his right wrist. [23] and his left wrist. [6]
  • Jason was 3IC when Ray Perry was drafted into Bravo Team. [24]
  • Jason and Alana Hayes have known each other since they were 9 years old. [25]
  • Jason's father was never mentioned, however, he hallucinates a conversation with a Marine says his first name is Dave, and he responds that Dave was his father’s name. [1]
  • Enlisted in the Navy and completed BUD/S in June 2001, just a few months before 9/11, and has spent his entire career fighting in the War on Terror. [2]
    • Note: Jason's uniform displays the Southwest Asia Service Medal with two service stars, indicating service during three campaigns of the Persian Gulf War between 1990 and 1995, prior to his enlistment in 2000 or 2001.
  • Clay Spenser saves Jason's life from a suicide bomber. [26]
  • Master Chief Jason Hayes has decided to reenlist for two more years. [3]
  • It is revealed, Jason has had; 4 arthroscopic knee surgeries, a torn rotator cuff, & a dozen bone fractures. [5]
  • Ray confesses to Jason he's trying out for Warrant Officer. [5]
  • Jason doesn't have a preference and will use anything, including a .22, nine millimetre. Like the rest of the team, will have a Heckler & Koch HK416 [6]
  • Killed Asmin Al-Hazred, the first High-Value Target (HVT) at the start of the 'War on Terrorism' [27]


Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

Awards and decorations[]

The following are the awards and decorations worn by Master Chief Jason Hayes in "Say Again Your Last":

  • Silver Star, w/1 gold award star (2nd award)
  • Bronze Star, w/1 gold award star (2nd award)
  • Purple Heart, w/1 gold award star (2nd award)
  • Navy & Marine Corps Commendation Medal, w/1 silver and 1 gold award star (7th award) and "V" device
  • Joint Service Achievement Medal
  • Navy & Marine Corps Achievement Medal, w/1 silver and 1 gold award star (7th award) and "V" device
  • Navy Presidential Unit Citation, w/3 bronze service stars (4th award)
  • Joint Meritorious Unit Award
  • Navy Unit Commendation, w/1 silver service star (6th award)
  • Meritorious Unit Commendation, w/3 bronze service stars (4th award)
  • Navy Good Conduct Medal, w/3 bronze service stars (4th award)
  • National Defense Service Medal
  • Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal, w/3 bronze service stars (4th award)
  • Southwest Asia Service Medal, w/2 bronze service stars (3rd award)
  • Kosovo Campaign Medal, w/1 bronze service star (2nd award)
  • Afghanistan Campaign Medal, w/1 silver and 1 bronze service star (7th award)
  • Iraq Campaign Medal, w/1 silver service star (6th award)
  • Navy Expert Rifle Marksmanship Medal
  • Navy Expert Pistol Marksmanship Medal
  • Special Warfare insignia (SEAL Trident)
  • Navy & Marine Corps Parachutist insignia
  • 4 service stripes (reflecting 16 years of service)

In "Never Out of the Fight", Master Chief Hayes is shown with an additional two awards:

  • Joint Service Commendation Medal
  • Army Commendation Medal, w/2 bronze oak leaf clusters (3rd award) and "V" device

In addition, Master Chief Hayes' uniform now displays the following award devices:

  • Bronze Star, w/1 silver and 3 gold award stars (9th award) and "V" device[28]
  • Presidential Unit Citation (no additional awards)
  • Navy Unit Commendation, w/1 bronze service star (2nd award)
  • National Defense Service Medal, w/1 bronze service star (2nd award)

In "One Life to Live", Master Chief Hayes is shown with an additional three new awards and one new award device:

  • Navy Cross
  • Navy & Marine Corps Medal
  • Purple Heart, w/2 gold award stars (3rd award) (previously only had 1 gold award star (2nd award))
  • Combat Action Ribbon, w/1 silver and 1 gold award star (7th award)