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  • Hi, I've added the Alpha Seal Team character Derek, but I havn't got a clue how to add him to the drop down menu Characters/ SEAL Team, would you be able too? Or add him to another section you feel fits him better.


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    • Oh thanks! Yeah, I'm slowly trying to get the wiki up and running IDK who had it before, but noting is really done after the first few eps. Remind me in a few weeks when I have more organized. But I'll add few to a few pages in the mean time.

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    • Good work on the over haul. If you get a chance try and watch Six (if you havn't already). I actually prefer it to Seal Team as it seems more gritty and dramatic, plus the acting is really good. Shame it got cancelled after season 2. 

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    • I've heard of it!!...I didn't realize it was canceled already. I'm waititng to see if they do a cross over w Hawaii 5-0 since the main character there was a SEAL, & they already did a crossover w NSIC or something and Macgyver.

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  • Hi. I’ve given you admin and bureaucrat rights on this community as you requested. You now have the tools you need to clean up, customize and maintain the wiki.

    Check out your Admin Dashboard, which can be found by clicking "Admin" on the bottom toolbar -- it has links to all your new tools. Please let me know if you have any questions, and good luck with your new (old) wiki!

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