Naima Perry
Naima Perry
Biographical Information
Husband: Ray Perry
Children: Jameelah Perry (Daughter)

Raymond Junior (RJ) Perry (Son)

Physical Description
Gender: Female
Status: Alive
Character Information
First appearance: Tip of the Spear
Portrayed by: Parisa Fakhri

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Naima Perry is a recurring character on SEAL Team. She's the wife of Ray Perry, a member of the group of Navy SEALS the series focuses on.

She's portrayed by American actress Parisa Fakhri.

Naima is of Kurdish lineage and is an Emergency Room Registered Nurse by education, training, and experience. She was working a shift in the ER in Detroit, MI (likely Grace Hospital), when she met a young, angry, injured Ray Perry.

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Adapt and Overcome 17

Naima calls Ray Perry while he is overseas for a quick check-in. [1] Days later they are on video chat again when Ray informs her, he is on track to make Master chief. She greets Jason Hayes in the background when he walks by. Later ones Ray has returned home they are discussing his increase of pay once he makes Master chief. [2] Naima is browsing for better houses in nicer neighborhoods for the kids. Days later once returning from another quick mission, Ray tells her he is no longer going to take up the position of Master Chief and instead will be looking to Take up Warrant Officer which pays more. [3]

Last Known Location 26

Nama tries to help her husband while dealing with the delicate balancing act of explaining what her father does for a living, as she begins to question her dad’s safety. [4] The next week she is doing her best to keeping the household in order, while trying to pack up before Ray leaves on his 3 month deployment. Unfortunately they are unable to move into the new house after a water main breaks. This leaves her daughter upset that they won't have any new memories in the house in case her dad dies. She promises Ray, she will take care of everything while he's gone, holding down the fort like she has always done. Two days later they see them off at the airport. Jameelah gives Ray her dolly to keep him safe. [5] He spends the next couple of weeks taking selfies of him with Miss Lucy to send back. [6]


  • Ray Perry and Naima Perry have been married for over 10 years. [7]

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