Ray Perry
Ray Perry
Biographical Information
Real Name: Ray Perry
Occupation: Navy SEAL
Title: Senior Chief Petty Officer[1] [2]

Special Warfare Operator
Tier-One Operator
B2 (current)
B6 (temp)

Wife: Naima Perry (Wife)
Children: Jameelah Perry (Daughter)

Raymond Junior (RJ) Perry (Son)

Affiliations: Navy SEAL

SEAL Team 3 (Former) BUD/S
United States Navy

Physical Description
Gender: Male
Height: 5'9
Status: Alive
Episode Count: 22
Character Information
First appearance: Tip of the Spear
Portrayed by: Neil Brown Jr.

Character Flag - American Male Married Military United States Navy BUD-S Navy SEAL Bravo Team Season 1 Season 2

Ray Perry, is a Navy SEAL on Bravo Team. He is a Tier-One Operator, and as the Second-in-Command and is referred to as B2, or Number 2. He is the longest tenured member of the team, and is married to Naima Perry.

Throughout the series Edit

In Tip of the Spear Ray witnesses the death of Nate Massey and later joins his friends at Massey's sons first communion until the team is dispatched to take down ISL commander Abu Samir Al Masri in Libyia. Before leaving his wife Naima Perry and him share a moment and converse about their upcoming baby. During the mission Ray and Jason are saved by new recruit Clay Spenser who shoots Al Masri before he can detonate a suicide-vest. Later Ray lectures Jason over his animosity towards Clay stemming from the young recruit reminding him too much of their deceased friend Nate.

In Other Lives Ray joins the team on a mission to prove the syrian goverment experimenting with a deadly nerve-gas. However he needs to leave his highly pregnang wife behind. During the mission Naima goes into labour and Jason opts not to tell him as it would interfere with the operation. Afterwards Ray says he understands why he didn't tell him and shares a moment along with his wife and new born child.

In Boarding Party Ray joins Jason on a mission to rescue Julia Clarke and her crew from pirates who threaten to sell them off to the highest bidder. As Jason goes in Ray gives him cover from the appearing buyers.


  • Hold the title of Senior Chief Petty Officer [1] [2]
  • Forced off Bravo Team by leader Jason Hayes. [3]
  • Was re-assigned to teaching Green Team. [4]
  • Allowed temporarily on Bravo Team, as B6 [5]
  • Officially returned to Bravo Team as B2 [6]

Appearances Edit


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