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Sonny Quinn
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Biographical Information
Real Name: Percival Sonny Quinn
Occupation: Navy SEAL
Title: Petty Officer First Class Quinn [1]

Tier-One Operator
Bravo 3

Originally From: Austin, Texas
Interests: Hannah Oliver (Ex)

Lisa Davis (Ex) - seguro que vuelven

Parents: Emmet Quinn (Father)

Eileen Quinn † (Mother)

Affiliations: Navy SEAL

United States Navy

Physical Description
Gender: Male
Height: 5'9
Status: Alive
Character Information
First appearance: Tip of the Spear
Portrayed by: A.J. Buckley

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Sonny Quinn, is a Navy SEAL and Special Warfare Operator First Class of Bravo Team, and is referred to as B3, or Bravo 3. He is at his best in firefights and prefers them over a leadership position.


Percival "Sonny" Quinn is the most cliched member of Bravo Team often spouting hackneyed soundbites with the originality of a mass-produced bric. Sonny is a rabid caricature of every redneck Yank ever portrayed on celluloid. This includes his claims to be scared of pretty much everything, including; water, sharks, spiders, jungle, tight spaces - literally anything they come across. Although Sonny is extremely capable in the field, he is not known for his strategic planning and is often not taking seriously in making tactical decisions, seen when fighting with Clay Spenser. Sonny can be seen to get angry very quickly, especially if it includes revenge - however, his heart is always in the right place.

Early Life[]

After his mother died in 1995, when she was 45, and Sonny was approximately 15 years old. He was left to be raised by his very strict father, Emmet Quinn. During this time he began his first serious relationship with his high school sweetheart Hannah Oliver. however not wanting to deal with his home life, this led him to leave Texas and join the Navy when he was 18.

Season 1[]

In Tip of the Spear Sonny is part of the mission that sees Nate Massey die in action. A few months later he joins his friends at Landon Masseys first communion until they're dispatched to a briefing. The Team is tasked with taking down ISL Terrorist Abu Samir Al Masri in Libya where Sonny and Cerberus are called to action. After the threat is eliminated Sonny returns back to the state along with the rest of the crew.

In Other Lives he and the team are joined by Dr. Lucien to prove that the Syrian goverment was working on a deadly nerve-gas. He instructs Lucien on how to jump with a prachute and aids the inexperienced doctor. As a group of enemy combatants approach the facility he tells Jason that he needs to look out for his own flock but stays with him when he's asked to. They exfiltrate the hostages and bring them to safety.

Season 2[]

Season 3[]

Bravo Team is in Serbia and what is supposed to be a simple stakeout turns into a dramatic car chase with three dead in connection to Vadim Tarasov but are able to bring in Viktor alive. Back at HQ everyone lightheartedly makes fun of Lisa Davis and her new position before debriefing and heading to bed. Unbeknownst everyone, sunny and Lisa sneak away for a quick chat. Days later they are all cralled far away, and after multiple car rides and a boat ride, find themselves at a shipping dock. Everyone watches Trent Sawyer's back as he places the tracker on the truck. Clay Spenser shoots a beer can in distraction to help Trent make his escape. Much later, Jason Hayes makes the call to infiltrate the building in order to find Bojinka . However, after cornering him, he blows himself up. [2] Everyone returns to HQ safe, except for a few scratches on clay and Jason from the bomb. After their de-briefing, Sonny goes on about how he is excited to watch a UT football game. When he leaves the room Brock informs everyone the game has already taken place, and the gang decides to mess with him. The next day Clay and Sunny are walking around town and Clay asked Sonny what happened to his girlfriend he was always talking to. He admits they are dealing with a bit of a long-distance relationship. Sunny checks in with Lisa to see how she's doing on her first mission. She confirms she's all right but, insists they keep a low-profile Later Mandy Ellis sends them out to capture Peter Malkin. once he's interrogated, they head home. Sonny's bet with everyone turns into a drinking game. And it isn't until the next night does he find out he has been duped. Bringing this up on their walk over to Vadim Tarasov. Once inside the Team goes room to room, only to find Vadim Tarasov in a final secret room. He reaches for the gun and Jason shoots him. While returning back to America, Jason celebrates Lisa's first team mission with them and her new position. Eric informs everyone that Jason has signed on for two more years as their Master Chief. He then recites his oath in front of everyone aboard. [3]

date interrupted

Jason is in a mood and running drills over and over again during their training session. Afterward,s they are introduced to their new commanding officer Captain Greyson Lindell. The next day they are called in for quick mission in Azerbaijan. There are to help maintain the peace only to find out the power station has been taken over by Armenian terrorists. They retake control and head home. [4]

breaking into a ship

Bravo team is looking over new candidate's to add an additional member to their team. Days later after being tasked with taking over the ship holding hostages, Jason finally agrees to go with Ray's plan, leading to a successful outcome. Later Jason introduces Vic Lopez to the team. Afterwards he is finally able to get some alone time Lisa, only for the two to break up.[5]

Sonny is still very angry at how he and Lisa broke up. He begins taking up boxing in his spare time. He volunteers to go early to Yemen, but thanks to his hostility towards Ray he picks Clay over him. When Bravo arrives two days later, they found the country is already erupted in Civil War, and are trapped outside the embassy. [6] After finally making it in, he and Clay take a position on the roof. He admits he is single, and Clay asks if someone got into his secret girlfriends ear, as he already said the breakup came out of nowhere. After a gun fight in the streets everyone escapes on a bus at dark, but not before |the ambassador dies in an explosion. [7]

While out jogging, Jason falls and tears an already ruined ligament in his leg. Bravo team is forced to go to Paris, France without him. While searching the crowd, he chased downs of potential suspect, physically carrying him back. [8] Weeks later, while at the gym with Clay, he urges him to go after girls with big breasts over brains. when Clay leaves, Lisa arrives, and he childishly ignores her. While in Iran, he is temporarily pinned down under enemy fire. After hearing this over intercoms, Lisa comes to find him after he returns home to make sure he is all right. The two appear to reignite the relationship. [9]

While celebrating Jason's upcoming return to bravo, he takes Lisa aside and agrees they are better off as friends. The team is sent on a rather public mission to protect a doctor while he collects Ebola samples. While standing guard with Vic, he suggests that Clay is in a long-term relationship, citing that he sometimes smells like lavender. Sonny doesn't believe it but later sniffs Clay's hair and confirms the smell. The next day they are sent to track down a pure form of the disease that has been stolen. [10]

Sonny met Clay's new girlfriend and busted his chops over it. Clay later caught him and Lisa having a tense conversation and confronted him about it. Confirming he knew they had been dating and that had been his secret girlfriend. All in the midst of replacing clay with Vic as his wing man. Later he arrived to testify for Lisa during her review case. After a positive outcome he admitted to her he agreed they should stay friends. [11]





Annoyed at Clay for being in a relationship, Sonny goes to a bar in Washington, while [[[Full Metal]] and Trent follow, to keep him in line. He picks a fight with the patron. [16] A couple days later their Captain punishes him for it. Sending him to Texas for six weeks, despite the rest of the team going on long-term deployment to Afghanistan. At the sendoff barbecue, he accuses Clay of ratting him out, and demanding why no one is standing up for him. He starts a few more fights before storming off. [17]

Bravo returns to Afghanistan for the start of their three-month mission. Michael Chen, a former Bravo member, is brought in from Charlie to replace Sonny while he's in Texas. Not long into his stay in Texas, Sonny goes to visit his father, Emmet Quinn and the two have a rather standoff first meeting after not seeing each other for almost 20 years. He later bums into his old girlfriend, Hannah Oliver at the bar she now owns. She is still in contact with his dad, and hoodwink the two into having dinner together. After he gets into a fight with his dad, he finds his old prized car in the garage in spirit condition. [18] Father and son continue working on the relationship, while Sonny continues to help around the farm. Though he is surprised when his father confides he might have to sell a large chunk of their land to stay afloat. After his training finishes, Sonny admits he wants to stay in Texas permanently and settled down, possibly buying the plot of land his dad is looking to sell. But his dad insists he returned to the Navy, because he is so proud of him, and he left 18 years ago for reason. [19]


Awards and decorations[]

The following are the awards and decorations worn by Special Warfare Operator 1st Class Sonny Quinn in "Never Out of the Fight":

  • Silver Star
  • Bronze Star, w/2 gold award stars (3rd award) and "V" device
  • Joint Service Commendation Medal, w/"V" device
  • Navy & Marine Corps Commendation Medal, w/3 gold award stars (4th award) and "V" device
  • Army Commendation Medal, w/"V" device
  • Joint Service Achievement Medal
  • Navy & Marine Corps Achievement Medal, w/2 gold award stars (3rd award) and "V" device
  • Combat Action Ribbon, w/1 gold award star (2nd award)
  • Navy Presidential Unit Citation, w/1 bronze service star (2nd award)
  • Joint Meritorious Unit Award
  • Navy Unit Commendation, w/3 bronze service stars (4th award)
  • Meritorious Unit Commendation, w/2 bronze service stars (3rd award)
  • Navy Good Conduct Medal, w/3 bronze service stars (4th award)
  • National Defense Service Medal, w/1 bronze service star (2nd award)
  • Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal, w/1 bronze service star (2nd award)
  • Southwest Asia Service Medal, w/1 bronze service star (2nd award)
  • Afghanistan Campaign Medal, w/1 silver and 2 bronze service stars (8th award)
  • Iraq Campaign Medal, w/1 silver service star (6th award)
  • Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal, w/2 bronze service stars (3rd award)
  • Global War on Terrorism Service Medal
  • Navy Expert Rifle Marksmanship Medal
  • Navy Expert Pistol Marksmanship Medal
  • Special Warfare insignia (SEAL Trident)
  • Navy & Marine Corps Parachutist insignia
  • 2 service stripes (reflecting 8 years of service)


  • Special Warfare Operator First Class Percival Quinn.
  • SO1 Percival Quinn is a recipient of the Silver Star and three Bronze Stars with a Combat "V".
  • He has multiple tattoos, at least 6. He has a Special Warfare Trident & bird on his right pectoral muscle, and a phrase on his left side. [21] He has words written in small font on the outside of both his forearms. He also has something on the inside on his right elbow, and another on his right biceps.
  • Sonny almost drowned in a submarine tube. [1]
  • Sonny's prank over in Green Team when he put a PT Cruiser on the roof is legendary. [6]
  • Prefers a MK 46 Mod 1 Machine Gun. or Heckler and Koch 416 Rifle Like the rest of the team, will have a Heckler & Koch HK416 [6]
  • He has a Special Warfare Trident tattoo on his pectoral. In reality, operators are not allowed to have such tattoos while active service as they compromise Operational Security.
  • Was in BUD/S class 252, & would have graduated a few years after Full Metal in the early 2000s. [16]
  • His real named is revealed as Percival. [18]
  • Joined the Navy right out of high school when he was 18. [19]
  • Though he doesn't use his marksman skills with a sniper frequently. He has shown proficiency in using a sniper rifle prior to Clay's introduction into Bravo Team.
  • In Season 2 Episode 4 "All that matters" Sonny says: "I'm fine as Senses wine." to Clay and Ray. Max Thierot, who plays Clay, is actually the Co-Founder of Senses Wine along with a childhood friend. The smile from Clay, which doesn't fully fit the situation and previous conversation, indicates this line was improvised, which although is not confirmed.


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