Things Not Seen
Season 2, Episode 12
Air date January 23, 2019
Written by Kenny Ryan & Jacob Roman (Story/Teleplay), Tom Mularz (Teleplay)
Directed by Michael Watkins
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Backwards in High Heels


Time to Shine

Things Not Seen is the 12th episode of the second season of SEAL Team and the 34th episode of the series overall.

Summary Edit

Bravo Team is deployed to Turkey in order to save an American woman who was formerly an ISIS bride. Meanwhile, Clay has a contentious reunion with his father; and Sonny finds out about Davis's aspirations for Officer Candidate School.


Trivia Edit


Sonny Quinn: Thanks a pantload there, Lassie, but we already fell in the damn well


Main Cast

Recurring Cast


  • Olesya Rulin as Jenna Robertson
  • C. Thomas Howell as Ash Spenser
  • David Barrera as Jeff Walker
  • Breana Raquel as Hannah Seaver
  • Barry Heins as Keith Becker
  • Samantha Sloyan as Victoria Seaver
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